Orpington Folk Club
It’s Thursday night at the “Change of Horses”
with Ted and Ivan and, of course, there’s
Steve and Anne, not forgetting Robin
And all the others who often pop in
to sing a song and play guitar,
yes, people come from near and far
but despite my good intention,
there are far too many for me to mention.
So I’ll say a bit more on the previous four because of this club they form the core
and to make it successful they really strive -
hang on a minute, there are not four but five.
Ted is one of the organising blokes,
he sometimes tells such awful jokes.
Whilst Ivan’s the one who is sometimes late remind him it starts at quarter past eight;
but, then, with accordions at the ready
they entertain us as Teddie and Freddie,
playing music you probably know
(I think they’re still working on “Bel Viso”).
Steve is the quiet one, not making a fuss,
looking after the wires and the apparatus
he really is an all-round chap
playing and singing or taking a snap
with his camera ready every night
you might appear on the Club’s web-site!
Anne is the one who plays the flute
she stands at the door and collects the loot,
then sells you a ticket for the club’s lottery
and puts all the money in a little pink pott(er)y.
So now there’s only Robin left
at playing and singing he’s quite adept
in selecting his songs he does, I think,
choose those where he can find a link
to a place or event fiom our social history ~
that he was a teacher is very plain to see.
My ode’s nearly over - just one more task
to everyone here I simply ask
to the fabulous five, please, will you say
“Well done” and “Thank you” for all that you do.
August 2010
Author John Cottrell
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song