We do not have floor spots on guest nights as time is very limited.
The start of the evening is filled by the OFC residents singers and musicians.

On Singers & Musicians nights however we welcome performers of any ability.

On Singers & Musicians nights we welcome performers of any ability.
Horse & Groom

@ the
Farnborough Social Club
6 Pleasant View Place
Via Farrow Fields
Farnborough Village

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Please be aware that the Post Code takes you to a residential road where there is an entrance but no parking available. The entrance you should use to the club car park is via Farrow Fields.  The What3Words address is more accurate.
Orpington Folk Music and Song Club
exists to promote folk music and song.
It is a non-profit making organisation
and is for those who wish to listen to
or take part in an informal evening of
folk music and song.
Every Thursday @ 8:00pm
Orpington Folk Club
News Flash
Marco Lenzi @ Orpington folk club, the Rosecroft Social Club 2019.
Hi All,
Some very sad news Marco one of our much loved resident singers and musician died on 18th January in Kings Hospital from Covid related and health problems.  We are all very upset that we will not see him or hear his lovely voice again.  Marco was a very valued member of the team and will be sadly missed by us all.   Our thoughts and condolences go to Hellen his wife and family.
Take care everyone.

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Hi All,
Our next guests is Geoff Higginbottom.  He performs traditional and contemporary songs on a wide range of subjects and from a variety of sources.  Geoff can always be relied upon for a great evening's entertainment.  Following Geoff on March 3rd, Dave Ellis and Boo Howard.  A warm welcome for the return of one of our favourite duos.

(Please see our diary for dates).
In between times we will continue with our weekly singers & musicians nights. So plenty to look forward to.

January Singers & Musicians Nights 6th ~ 13th ~ 27th

3rd February 2022 Geoff Higginbottom

Geoff Higginbottom @ Orpington Folk Club, Farnborough Social Club 2022
He performs traditional and contemporary songs on a wide range of subjects and from a variety of sources.  Geoff can always be relied upon for a great evening's entertainment.

The singer with one of the most powerful voices on the folk scene.  He plays six and twelve string guitars, bodhran and Appalachian dulcimer as well as singing unaccompanied.  He performs traditional and contemporary songs on a wide range of subjects and from a variety of sources.  Geoff can always be relied upon for a great evening's entertainment. 

Orpington Folk Club, the Farnborough Social Club 2021

Singers nights at the Orpington Folk Club are an opportunity for singers and musicians to get together to perform their songs and or tunes to an audience. Traditional, contemporary and blues music can all be heard on any one night. The Social Club is an excellent space to play in and the bar prices are so reasonable.

So what's stopping you from giving it a go?  See you there?

Folk Club news :

Admission :

  • On singers nights you will be asked to contribute at the folk club door £2pp.
  • Guest nights will now be a single contribution of £7.50pp.  Occasionaly this may have to increase on certain guests nights.

Us @ OFC.

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Covid Regulations/Guidelines :

  • There is no requirement to wear a face mask by law in England, in pubs and restaurants.  However, the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas.  Hand sanitiser is available at many tables.
  • Track and trace details must be provided on entry. ie. Name and contact number. to be recorded on the ‘sign-in’ at the door.  You are also invited to use the NHS QR Code poster at the bar that you can scan with your phone, if you have the covid track and trace app on your phone.  However you must still sign-in.
  • The club does not provide table service anymore and drinks can now be ordered at the bar.
  • You do not need to stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with. There are also no limits on the number of people you can meet.
  • However, in order to minimise risk at a time of high prevalence, you should limit the close contact you have with those you do not usually live with, and increase close contact gradually. This includes minimising the number, proximity and duration of social contacts.
  • COVID-19 has not gone away, so it’s important to remember the actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe. Everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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Over the years we have collected emails from our guests and regular visitors to the club.
Due to new EU regulations relating to privacy laws GDPR, which I'm sure you are all aware of, it is incumbent on us to ask if we can continue to keep the email address in our email client address book.  We will over the coming months be sending an email to the holders of the accounts asking if we can continue to keep it in our email client address book.  You will be asked to reply if you wish to be removed.  You can also confirm to continue subscription as well.

Our promise to you : We are and always will be committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

  • What we will not do :
  • We will not share/sell your email address with any third parties.
  • We will not share your email address with anyone purporting to know you.
  • We will not show your email address to other members when we send messages to more than one recipient.
  • We will not send any emails advertising products or services.
  • What we will do :
  • We will however send you the occasional email informing you of future guest and events, relevant to our joint interest in folk music & song.
  • We will reply to emails sent to us requesting information and include an "Unsubscribe" link.
  • We may have to email you in the event of guest night cancellation.
  • We may have to email in the event of closure due to bad weather or the venue closing.

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Enquiries for bookings should contact via email first please.
Contacts : Ted Handley
0208 325 6513
Steve Jennings
01959 532 754
Doug Welch hosts an hour of Folk, Blues and Acoustic music.
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